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Palm Garden

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Our eyes get easily tired because of our daily routine. With the fast paced environment that we have plus the highly industrialized workplace that we go to everyday, it seems that our body is slowly weakening. One of the best things to amend this usual feeling that we experience is to go to a nice park or visit some place where no cars and buildings are around. A nice place Clarkton Hotel offers you are our very own Palm Garden that is made up of Palm Trees filled with green grass and beautiful plants that will definitely soothe the eyes from the exhausting work we do in our daily lives. Another thing that made this garden beautiful is the landscaped structure surrounding it with different ornamental leaves and herbs that is stunning to look into. It is located near the Pool area and it is right beside the Panorama Restaurant. We have decided to place it near the Panorama Restaurant to add to your relaxing view while you dine and enjoy the company of your loved ones and friends

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