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Splash around our full-sized Pool located in front of the Clarkton Hotel’s New building alongside the Panorama Restaurant. Enjoy the scenic view of the sky while you show your skills in swimming. It has a 4 ft. up to 10 ft. depth that you will surely love. We have fancy parasols and longue chairs that suit the resort ambience of the Pool Area. Clarkton Hotel makes sure that the Pool area is well-maintained all the time so you can have a non-stop fun while you paddle along the calm water of the pool. At night, you can see a breathtaking view of the pool for it looks like a neon-colored puddle with the reflection of glistening sparkles because of the lucent lights coming from the Panorama Restaurant and Mabuhay Bar. This can be seen from the inside that adds to the spectacular sight of Clarkton Hotel as night. This is clearly visible from the rooms at the New Building that overlooks the astonishing color combination of the night lights of Clarkton. From the pool, you can see the fine-looking sight of the New Building and Panorama Restaurant that will keep you in awe and amazement. Clarkton Hotel, with its ingenious idea made our Pool more special and lovely to gaze at.

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