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Clarkton Hotel has a fast and reliable internet services with a speed of 85-90 Mbps LAN and Wi-Fi connections that is accessible all throughout the hotel. Internet access is available in all rooms, internet patch cords are being offered as well, you can simply request from the Front Desk located at the Main Lobby. Laptops for internet use are also available in Kaffee Kultur, you can ask from the Business Center and we will be happy to assist you with only P35.oo/hour. Every guest can fully enjoy their stay here at Clarkton Hotel for they can regularly keep in touch with their social media accounts instantly and free of charge; all they need to do is connect their hand phones or laptops to our Wi-Fi network. You can update your posts, tag your friends and even post your photos on Facebook with our stable connection. You can have non-stop tweets and photo posting on your Twitter and Instagram accounts with hassle-free surfing here at Clarkton Hotel. Also, you can check out any website you want to keep you updated with the latest trends and chat with your loved ones abroad using Skype and Yahoo Messenger. Have a live video streaming on YouTube or download your favorite games and apps on GooglePlay and Appstore with your Wi-Fi ready phones. People nowadays are truly hooked with the power of modern technology; it has been part of our daily lives for it definitely made our world smaller. Reaching out to our families and loved ones overseas was never this fast and easy. Furthermore, most of the transactions happen on the web such as Online banking, E-booking for flights and reservations, online shopping and many other services online. Businessmen nowadays conduct their meetings through video conferences in Skype even companies today are considering online resumes and online interviews. Clarkton Hotel has adapted to these changes and is striving to keep up with what our guests expect from us to consistently render quality and customer satisfaction.

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