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Suite 2

Spend a relaxing night in Suite 2 that is dazzled with light-colored theme that soothes the eyes and calms the mind. Suite 2 is fashionably deisgned with a King-Queen size bed, an enormous marble bathtub & shower, remote controlled Cable TV with 100 international channels, DVD player, international direct dial telephone, in-room safe, refrigerators, kettle and thermostat controlled air conditioner and free W-LAN DSL internet connection.

Suite 2 - Pesos 3500,-
inclusive all Taxes

Suite 2 "Seoul"

suite-2-seoul-2-bed-room suite-2-seoul-2-bed-room
suite-2-seoul-2-couch suite-2-seoul-2-couch
suite-2-seoul-2-bed-room-tv suite-2-seoul-2-bed-room-tv
suite-2-seoul-2-shower suite-2-seoul-2-shower
suite-2-seoul-2-cr suite-2-seoul-2-cr

Suite 2 "Singapore"

suite-2-singapore-aircon suite-2-singapore-aircon
suite-2-singapore-tv suite-2-singapore-tv
suite-2-singapore-labatory suite-2-singapore-labatory
suite-2-singapore-mirror suite-2-singapore-mirror
suite-2-singapore-pool-view suite-2-singapore-pool-view
suite-2-singapore-shower suite-2-singapore-shower
suite-2-singapore-cr-view suite-2-singapore-cr-view

Suite 2 "Kuala Lumpur"

suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-room suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-room
suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-2-bed suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-2-bed
suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-spacy suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-spacy
suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-dining-table-bed suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-dining-table-bed
suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-dining-table suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-dining-table
suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-bathtub suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-bathtub
suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-shower suite-2-Kuala-Lumpur-shower

Suite 2 "Tokyo"

suite-2-tokyo-306-room suite-2-tokyo-306-room
suite-2-tokyo-306-tv suite-2-tokyo-306-tv
suite-2-tokyo-306-couch suite-2-tokyo-306-couch
suite-2-tokyo-306-bed suite-2-tokyo-306-bed
suite-2-tokyo-306-labatory suite-2-tokyo-306-labatory
suite-2-tokyo-306-xtreme-bathtub suite-2-tokyo-306-xtreme-bathtub
suite-2-tokyo-306-cr suite-2-tokyo-306-cr

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