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Extraordinary entertainment and festive merry-making is what Walking Street brings you. As you walk along the area, you might be astonished with the kind of promotions they do. Pretty girls dancing along with the perky music are eminent in the street itself. All of these are just a sneak peek of what to expect from the events happening inside the bars. Tourists and a lot of foreigners are the main market of Walking Street for they are simply amused and at the same time enticed with the charm that was cast upon them.  It’s not only about the night-long party experience, it is also a perfect place for those music lovers who would want to watch live band performances and groove all night with the numerous pubs and club mixes. Ice cold drinks, cocktails, beers and all time favorite beverages are offered here. The Walking Street has been known to some of the countries around the world. Recently, Philippines have adopted “The Walking Street” as an entertainment district to be placed in Angeles City, one of the emerging cities of the country. This is a place for those who seek to have the most awesome night life ever. Different bands and dance groups often choose to perform here at The Walking Street for a more accommodating crowd. Entertainers here always give their topmost performances whether in the field of singing or dancing. The area became so popular to the extent that even foreigners are pleased to go visit and earn their fun experience firsthand. It’s not only the drinks and the non-stop partying that made this place exciting, the different snacks and delicacies that were made perfect for the happy hour are here too! So feel free to visit The Walking Street and uncover the unlimited fun that it waiting for you.

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