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Perimeter Road or also known as Don Juico Avenue is the newest market entrant of the emerging business area of Angeles City. Hotels, Bars and Diners were mostly the usual establishments you will see along the Perimeter Road. The formerly dull and deserted place became one of the vibrant areas of the town. It became the talk of the town when luxurious hotels and condominiums eventually came out. It suddenly bloomed when hotels keep growing and people starts to notice the gradual progress of the area. Everyone was stunned with the continuous improvements of the Perimeter Road. When it comes to the geographical site of the Perimeter Road, we can clearly see that it has the best location. As you pass through its road, you can have a visible view of the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ); it is the redevelopment of Clark Air Base that was formerly owned by the U.S. Military. It was vacated by the U.S. soldiers because of the tragic Mt. Pinatubo eruption. At this present time, Clark is one of the flourished areas in Pampanga because of the massive establishments and business centers located within its vicinity. Large corporations, manufacturing companies and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) are situated here. World-class luxury hotels such as Fontana Leisure Park, Widus Hotel, Oxford Hotel and Stotsenberg Hotel   are few of the first-class hotels in Clark. It is good to know that the Perimeter Road is just a few minutes away from Clark so having a good sightseeing will not be a problem.

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