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Apo Market is the most famous bargain stalls you will see that is located at the heart of Angeles City. If you live at the center of the business district in Angeles, you might be familiar with the locals’ term “Apo Day”. This is a common day for many but to those who are planning to shop and buy products at their lowest price, this is an extra special day. Apo Market is found within the streets of what they usually call the Downtown. Aside from its market, Apo is actually the name of the city patron that is seen at the well-known Apo Mamacalulu (Merciful Lord) Shrine. Devotees would come here every Friday as they say their personal prayers to the patron wishing that the Merciful Lord would answer their every requests. Formerly, it was used to be visited by the devotees but as the years go by, the people grows more and more and it is not only about the church masses, it is because of the emergence of the market wherein products are sold half of its original price. If you were to see the seller's’ preparation the night before Friday, you will be able to observe the great bulk of their merchandise that are to be displayed on the next day.

Baratilyo sa Sto. Rosario is a famous hangout place of every student in Angeles. Not because it is literally a hangout pub where they can socialize, it is because of the different products that they can choose from especially when they are required to wear formal attire. We know that Angeles City is a central business district and thrift shops like “Baratilyo sa Sto. Rosario” is one good proof that people living in this city have the best options to get their fashionable choice. One thing that made this store unique is the aesthetic view of the shop itself. It is not the common boutique wherein you can literally see a stall enclosed with walls, this is actually a space built with series of open-aired stalls selling all kinds of dresses and clothes intended for men and women. Some of the merchandise are branded but more often than not, the products doesn’t carry well-known brands but it is definitely of quality and of course, offered at a very low price. Baratilyo sa Sto. Rosario is based from a Spanish word “baratilyo” which means “bargain” and it is translated as Sto. Rosario Bargain. Aside from its low price range offers, the shop is perfectly located amidst the huge customer traffic and it is built along the main road so every passersby will be able to see the displayed clothes and will be tempted to atleast try something on and soon buy something for themselves. 

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL):

  • Only trust the Clarkton Hotel Sign
  • Any problems - You always can contact the driver under the following 
    Mobile Numbers: 
    +63 918 252 7294

Transportation fee:

  • Manila Airport Car pick up for 3000Peso**
  • Manila Airport Van pick up for 3500Peso**

Clark International Airport Angeles City (CRK):

  • Only trust the Car / Van with the Sticker Clarkton Hotel
  • Any problems - You always can contact the driver under the following 
    Mobile Numbers: +63 918 252 7294

Transportation fee:

  • PickUp from Clark Airport is free of charge
  • Drop to Clark Airport will be charge with Peso 350**



Download this Map : click this link

** please pay transportation fee in cash direct to the driver.
This service is exclusive provided by ED Dela Cruze Taxi Service from Angeles City. 
If the transportation fee is added to your room bill, we have to charge you additional 10% service charge .

268 Shopper’s Mart is a one of the most famous thrift shop in town. Located at the heart of Angeles City, this all-in-one boutique answers everyone’s needs for it offers a wide range of products are truly adorable and affordable at the same time. Most of the buyers nowadays are following a tight budget especially when vacation time comes because it's either they are saving money for a better reason or simply doesn’t have the guts to spend a lot on expensive goods such as clothings and footwear. Also, the continuous inflation has been inevitable in the Philippines and as the commoner say, everything is one hike except the salary of every Filipino worker. 268 Shopper’s Mart saw this dilemma coming and that is why they have introduced to the public their specialty in offering mid-class products that is suitable for every practical shopper out there. 268 Shopper’s Mart may not be as grand as compared with the other prominent shopping malls but this place will surely be a hit to everyone who wants to practice their frugality in every way. 268 Shopper’s Mart was established in 2012 and it has the best location because it is where the daily commuters and students often pass by. Moreover, this shop may be small from the outside but once you take a closer look, you will be captivated with the variety of merchandise available here. Men and women even children have their own fashion corner and it sells all types of clothes, bags, footwears and some necessities such as umbrella, clocks, wallets and many more. Every Christmas season, this place is really crowded because of the different Christmas decorations that are sold at a very cheap price. Also, there are sales everywhere and customers fully enjoy the perks of visiting this place. 268 Shopper’s Mart is definitely worth a try especially when discounts and sale promos are available.

Angeles City is an exceptional metropolis situated in the heart of Pampanga province. It is a first-class city of Pampanga and one of the finest business districts in Central Luzon. With a dozen of disco bars, luxury hotels and shopping malls, Angeles City is presently known as the “Entertainment Capital” of Pampanga. It is now one of the most wanted cities of the country with the world-class entertainment it brings. People from around the world desire to visit the country wanting to have a taste of pleasure that only Angeles City can give. It has been widely known because of the marvelous merriment you will experience here at night. You will be able to discover for yourself how amazing their performers from different clubs are. These are just some of the reasons why Angeles City never fails to give them a never-ending thrill.

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