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Baratilyo sa Sto. Rosario is a famous hangout place of every student in Angeles. Not because it is literally a hangout pub where they can socialize, it is because of the different products that they can choose from especially when they are required to wear formal attire. We know that Angeles City is a central business district and thrift shops like “Baratilyo sa Sto. Rosario” is one good proof that people living in this city have the best options to get their fashionable choice. One thing that made this store unique is the aesthetic view of the shop itself. It is not the common boutique wherein you can literally see a stall enclosed with walls, this is actually a space built with series of open-aired stalls selling all kinds of dresses and clothes intended for men and women. Some of the merchandise are branded but more often than not, the products doesn’t carry well-known brands but it is definitely of quality and of course, offered at a very low price. Baratilyo sa Sto. Rosario is based from a Spanish word “baratilyo” which means “bargain” and it is translated as Sto. Rosario Bargain. Aside from its low price range offers, the shop is perfectly located amidst the huge customer traffic and it is built along the main road so every passersby will be able to see the displayed clothes and will be tempted to atleast try something on and soon buy something for themselves. 

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